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Ivan's Newborn session- Richmond, VA Newborn photographer

12 February 2017

What a precious little man. Ivan was very calm during our session but he wasn't sleeping much.And that's ok. We were still able to capture precious moments of him. I took photos of his mama's belly few months ago and it was a pleasure to work with this sweet family again.
Some of my favorite shots of him are below. Enjoy.

 photo EF115F2DC23BDCEF2836A0DC4259602E_zps46160045.png

Portrait photo session| Dori's charm| Richmond, VA portrait photographer

14 October 2016

What a pretty lady! She wanted to update her gallery for her XXth birthday. Nice birthday gift, rigtt? We all should be doing that! I say every year that I am going to surprise my hubby ( or myself ) with a nice and one of the kind session when I am on the other side of the camera and you know, it never happens! But I truly think we all should allow ourselves to do these little things in life. We went out to this cute little park in downtown, called GREAT SHIPLOP park . I adore that little park as it has so many wonderful backdrops. Dori did a fabulous job and her images turned out stunning! See more below!

 photo EF115F2DC23BDCEF2836A0DC4259602E_zps46160045.png

SENIOR PHOTOSHOOT | Little T| Senior photographer, Richmond, VA

She is a beast! And when I say that, I mean it! Wow! Look at this young, fresh and beautiful woman! I went out with her to Sunday park in Midlothian right before sunset. That park is amazing at sunset! So the location was perfect and she over performed herself. She was jumping, doing splits and oh my! I said it before but I say it again, SHE IS A BEAST!
Check out some of her lovely images below!

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FAMILY PHOTO SESSION| The P Family| Richmond, VA family photographer

So photographing 18 people is tough! Yup! But it was such a great night hanging out with these folks in Williamsburg, VA. I love the energy of this group! Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 40th anniversary and they invited the entire family for a fun weekend over to the beautiful Colonial Williamsburg. We found a great area and we just went with the flow. We all had fun - or at least I had so much fun working with these families and kiddos. Here are some snippets of the night....FUN, FUN, FUN!


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